Why Choose Judy

Why choose private in-home training you may ask?
Having instructed thousands of classes over my career I find that nothing beats training your dog your cat in it's home environment, especially since that is where the behaviors most likely occur.  This approach is also more realistic, verses a classroom setting.  When I come into your home I not only get to see how it is set up, I can also see how your family dynamics play out, where the behaviors are happening and also the temperament of your dog or cat in it's home environment.  Bonus -you'll get my undivided attention as well!  The results you'll see after just 1 in-home session could take weeks to achieve in a class.  Don't get me wrong, classes have their place - they are good for advanced training, agility or getting your canine good citizen certification.  For a puppy just starting off or an adult dog with some behaviors, nothing beats the results you'll see with private sessions!
About Judy Vess
With over 30 years' experience in the pet industry I can help you with your dog or cat's issues and concerns! I've instructed over 25,000 pet parents and their pets and defitnitely know the importance of a strong human-animal bond. My goal is to help those in my programs achieve and strengthen this bond and also help establish pack leadership, resolve problem behaviors, learn commands such as sit, stay, down, come, heel, and many others. Over my 30 year career I've volunteered with various shelters and kennels, worked with breeders and veterinarians to help establish training and nutrition programs, worked in major retail pet stores and operated my own store for 10 years. My training sessions are positive, educational, personable, and fun!! So if you're looking for someone with experience and the right answers for you then I'm the one to call!

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Reach out to Judy anytime! Feel free to contact Judy with general inquiries, specific questions, or to discuss setting up a training program! You can email Judy or call at 401-467-0067 & we'll get back to you as soon as possible!